Topeka JUMP is a coalition of 20 congregations in Shawnee County, Kansas.  The organization started in 2012.  Through Topeka JUMP people of faith from all walks of life come together to seek justice for the widow, the orphan, and the poor.

 JUMP’s mission is to build people-based power to influence local decision-makers to consider policy and funding changes that address systems which perpetuate poverty and injustice.

TecumsehUMC  is a active participant in the JUMP ministry.

For more information visit JUMP website


Oct. 16

April 9

April 30

June 11

Location and Time

El Shaddai Ministries @ 7pm

First Baptist Church @ 7pm

Location TBA @ 7pm

Location TBA @ 7pm


Community Problems Assembly Rally

Nehemiah Action Assembly

Celebrating 5 Years of Doing Justice! ​JUMP Banquet